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101 Alice was 8 1/2 months old when she died of inflammation of the lungs. PAULOVICH Alice (I635)
102 Alice's death certificate has that she was married in Tullachay, Kilkenny while Thomas' has Tullogher. WALSH Alice (I2354)
103 Allen's Indial Mail Thursday June 6 1844 reads:
April 3 At Poona Mr Thomas McGuire to Miss Clementina Maitland. 
Family F555
104 Also known as Florence Clara Sherwood
In the 1871 census, Flora was residing with grandparents Samuel White 53, Keziah 51, Joseph 25, Clara 19, Emily 14, George 12 and Florence was 3.
In 1881 census, she was residing with her other grandmother Sarah Sherwood, age 13 
SHERWOOD Clara Florence (I406)
105 Also known as Mina (Mena) Alice. Violet Coogan's birthday book has that she died on the 02 June. BOESE Alice Mena (I787)
106 Also listed as 1844 SOMERVILLE (ALSO SOMMERVILLE) Christian (Christina) (I106)
107 Also spelt as MacVeigh MCVEIGH Janet Walker (I2642)
108 Also William George in later records RUDDELL George William (I665)
109 Also written as Ridley RIDGLEY Catherine Elizabeth (I168)
110 An Edmund is listed on Honora's birth certificate as being deceased at 4 weeks. HAMMILL Edward (Edmund) (I193)
111 Anastasia was a Sister of Mercy - Sister Mary St Catherine RYAN Anastasia Mary (I2261)
112 Ancestry tree
Ellen Twomey
Birth: 24 Sep 1894 - Australia
Death: 28 Mar 1976 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Spouse: Daniel Connole

On the 1958 electoral roll living at 16 Hammond Street Red Hill is Daniel Connole, sorter and Ellen Connole, home duties.

Ellen Connole is still living at the same address on the 1972 electoral roll. 
TWOMEY Ellen (Eileen) (I2503)
113 Andersons Bay Cemetery, Block 80, Plot 24 WEBB Cyprian Charles Alvin D'Esterre (I1792)
114 Andrew is listed on the 1954 electoral roll as living in Broad Street, Sarina and occupation is farmer. PHILLIPS Andrew James (I265)
115 Ann's parents were Henry Conlan and Mary Malone. She has obviously died giving birth to Jack as her death is the same day as his birth. CONLON Ann (I1963)
116 Annie (Nan) went to New York on Nov 01, 1923 with her brother Thomas. She was 19 and he was 22. They went to their aunt Kate McCarel. MAY Annie (I1043)
117 Annie apparently died when a tractor rolled on her. WILLIAMS Ann (Annie) (I1161)
118 Annie was married under the name of Ryan when she married Thomas Eustace. O'DONNELL Annie (I738)
119 Annie's name is also spelt as McCavan, McCavanagh. She arrived in Australia on the 25 June 1881 on the ship Windsor Castle. She was aged 22 and docked in Brisbane. MCKAVANAGH Annie (I1417)
120 Annie's sponsors at her christening were Thomas Flanigan and Bridgid Murphy. Priest was Morris or Morrin.

On various certificates, her name was spelt as LOWARY, LOWERY, LOWRY, LAWRIE and LOWRIE.
Residence listed as Sliguff at time of marriage

Cause of death on certificate is: Endophelbitis, Septicemia, Exhaustion 
LOWERY Anne (Annie) (I21)
121 Approximate date of birth and place is based on census records and her death registration. RUSSELL Catherine (I2857)
122 April May or June GUISE-MOORES Clive (I835)
123 Archibald and Christian were first cousins.

In 1883, Archie, Christina and their children departed aboard the Nairnshire from Glasgow on the 22nd March 1883 as assisted immigrants, disembarking in Bundaberg 9th July 1883.

It is not yet known how long they stayed in the Bundaberg district, or why Bundaberg was chosen as a destination, although there was already an active Scottish community in the Bundaberg and Gooburrum areas, including some from very close to the Wood Family's roots. (William Paterson and his sister Helen who moved from Scotland to Bundaberg in 1882, followed by their brother Alexander in 1883, in 1909 named their Fairymead Road property Glencorse and the farm next to Castlelaw, called Spring Hill, also reflected in the plantation near Bundaberg).

By 1885, Archie and Christina were living in Brisbane, perhaps on the corner of Boundary and Brighton Roads, West End. 
WOOD Archibald (I90)
124 Archibald gave his address as Deanpark at the time of his marriage. WOOD Archibald (I101)
125 Archibald John's birth notice says that they were married on the 8th November, 1868. Family F82
126 Argus 26 Feb 1916
FFROST.--On the 29th January 1916 at Mooroopna Hospital, Skottowe Beaumont Parker, youngest son of Joseph Pluckrose Beaumont, and only son of Ida Sibyl Ffrost, Pakenham East, brother to Rosie, Frank, Montie, Ignez, and Lina, aged 20 years.
"Thy will be done."
Safe into the haven guide, Oh! receive my soul at last. 
FFROST Skottowe Beaumont Parker (I1805)
127 Arrival: Feb 27 
Year: 1842 
Name of Ship: Rachel 
Type of Ship: Barque 
Captain: George Scott 
Title or Rank: Mr. 
First Name: William 
Passenger Surname: King 
Regiment or Occupation: Pensioner 
Passenger Origin: London 
Destination: Bombay 
Vessel Origin: London 
Port 1: The Downs 
Port 1 date: Nov 2 
Source: Bombay Calendar 
Edition: 1843 

Month & Day: Feb 27 
Year: 1842 
Name of Ship: Rachel 
Type of Ship: Barque
Captain: George Scott
Title or Rank: Miss
First Name: Elizabeth
Passenger Surname: King
Passenger Origin: London
Destination: Bombay 
Vessel Origin: London 
Port 1: The Downs 
Port 1 date: Nov 2
Source: Bombay Calendar 
Edition: 1843  
KING William (I82)
128 Arrived in 1818

SMH Thurs 12 Jul 1866
On the 10th instant at his residence, Newtown, JOHN SKOTTOWE PARKER, aged 60.

Appointed as a coroner at Paterson NSW on 29 May 1840.

John died of hepatitis on 10th, July, 1866, Kingston, New South Wales. He was Coroner for the City and District of Sydney at his death in Kingston in the parish of Petersham. The informant was his hephew George H. Hawkes, First Officer on board the Mail Steamer, Madras. He was buried on 12th July 1866 at St. Peter's, Cook's River at Petersham, New South Wales.

The SMH Fri 13 July 1866

THE LATE CITY CORONER -The funeral of the late Mr John S. Parker took place yesterday afternoon, his remains were accompanied by a few personal friends to the graveyard adjoining St. Peter's Church, Cook's River Head. Mr. Parker was a name of Cork, Ireland, was in his 60lh year, and has been in the service of the Government since 1825 - nearly forty-one years. He has held the position of City Coroner for the last ten years.

Empire Fri 13 Jul 1866
THE LATE CITY CORONER - We announced with regret the death of Mr. John S. Parker, whose burial took place yesterday afternoon. Mr. Parker had been coroner for the city of Sydney since 1856, and first entered the public service so long ago as May, 1825. He died at his residence, Newtown, at about 9 o'clock on Tuesday evening, after a severe illness of nearly two months' duration. His death was quiet, and almost imperceptible. He had for days previously been quite aware of his true condition, and resigned himself at peace with all men, and with a lively hope of a better hereafter. Mr. Parker was a member of the Church of England; was a native of Cork, Ireland, and leaves a large family. Gastric fever is said to have been the cause of his death, but there can be no doubt that annoyances in reference to official matters, and aggravated by some difficulty he experienced in obtaining leave of absence to recruit his health, contributed to exasperate his complaint. He was a little over sixty years of age, and was naturally of a robust constitution. He had many friends, both in this and the neighbouring colonies, and in Ireland, by whom the sad intelligence of his death will be received with sincere sorrow.  
PARKER John Skottowe (I1632)
129 Arrived in 1860 or thereabouts as he was attending a function in June 1860 in Brisbane.

Appointed District Court Crown Prosecutor for the Metropolitan District in 1865.

Member of Parliament for Warwick and then Mitchell - member of the Irish and Queensland Bar. Resigned as Member for Mitchell on 1 Jan 1866. His election was declared null and void in June 1865 but he was re-elected in July of 1865. Member during these years 1862-1863; 1865-1866

The Queenslander Sat 9 Nov 1867
Phillips and Woodcock v John Gore Jones for goods sold - 5 pound 5 shillings - for the plaintiffs.

Studied at Trinity College, Dublin and read law in the Middle Temple College, London and was called to the bar.

Died at Riversleigh, a boarding house which was on North Quay, Brisbane.

Brisbane Courier Wed 15 April 1868
An application made on Mrs Gore-Jones' behalf to waive the Council's claim for rent and the delivery of the books and furniture in the office lately occupied by her husband was not allowed.  
GORE JONES John Sheridan (I1505)
130 Arrived in Australia on the ship Ariadne on 03 January 1864 - aged 19. Travelling with him is his sister Eliza Jane aged 15.

"On arrival Qland went out into unsettled west with wife and brother. George Ruddell came across to Berg from the Dawson via Tirroan (Taroom?), Eidsvold, Mt Perry - a journey of 3 months. Bundaberg then a hamlet and sparsely inhabited by white people.

Settle B'berg then Gravelly Camp during construction of railway line - finally Edenberry at Sharon.
Foundation m/o Presb. Church B'berg and it was at his house Rev J S Sterling (first minister) stayed on arrival 3 Jan 1882. Nominated as elder of church. Prominent dairyman. Foundation shareholder in Berg Co-Op Dairying Co Ltd. Brother of Mrs Totten? Aug 1883 sold to Billington & Co." 
RUDDELL George (I184)
131 Arrived in Brisbane in 1862 on the Duke of Newcastle In the 1891 NSW census ther is a Marianne Cowley living in Albury and she is in Thurgoona St?? with 3 males and 6 females. MAYOR (MAYER) Marianne (I622)
132 Arrived in Bundaberg aboard the Jumna 1886

Died of throat cancer 
RUDDELL Richard (I189)
133 Arrived in the USA in 1854 according to the 1910 census. This would mean that he was 10 years old.

134 Arrived on the ship Almona as a remittance (sponsored) passenger. Departed Plymouth on 12 March 1884. GILBERT Frederick (I374)
135 Arrived on the Wistow Hall with James and Annie O'Neill. HAND Joseph (I1919)
136 Artie is listed at Kalbar State School in 1914.

Artie is buried in the same plot as his parents.

In the 1930 and 1936 rolls, Artie is listed as a labourer at Bingera Siding. In 1937 and in 1943 on the electoral rolls, Artie is at North Eton Mill as a sugar chemist. In the 1949 roll he is listed as a sugar chemist at Plane Creek Mill at Sarina. In 1954 he is listed as a sugar chemist at Wallaville but Margaret is not listed. He and Margaret rarely lived together and it may have been a marriage of conveience for both of them.

In a news article in February of 1951, Artie is listed as the manager of Cattle Creek Mill and he resigned in July of 1952. 
WOOD Arthur Francis (Artie) (I36)
137 As yet, no definitive baptism or birth record can be found for Annie. The day and month are taken from a family birthday book while the year is based on the age she gave for the birth of each of her children. In the majority of cases, based on the age given, her year of birth equated to 1845, with others being 1846, 1847 or 1848. HANLON Anna (Anne or Annie) (I43)
138 Ashes strewn SHERWOOD William Frederick (I371)
139 At the home of Kitty O'Regan HANLON Anna (Anne or Annie) (I43)
140 At the home of Mr Charles L Strike, 5th Avenue, Home Hill Family F220
141 At the time of her marriage to John Charles Wood, she was said to be the second daughter of J W Phillips Esq.

Bundaberg Mail Jan 1897
At Cuba Plantation, Burnett River (Q), on the 20th instant, John Charles, eldest son of the late Captain W Wood, RE, Satara, Bombay, India to May Lydia, second daughter of JW Phillips Esq.

On the 1903, 1905 and 1908 electoral rolls, John and May are living at Kalbar where John is a ploughman and May has domestic duties. The manager of Kalbar Plantation at that time was her brother-in-law, James Peter Thygesen, married to her sister, Mabel Alice. By the 1913 (and again in 1919) electoral roll, John Charles is now Manager of Kalbar Plantation.

In the 1938 Electoral Roll for Port Curtis, May is listed at Kalbar, Bingera Siding - domestic duties. 
PHILLIPS May Lydia (I30)
142 At the time of their marriage, John was a corporal in HC's Artillery.

Groom name John Robson
Bride name Catherine Casey
Marriage date 13 Dec 1834
Marriage place Bombay, Bombay, India
Batch number M00118-0
Record group India-EASy
Film number 523838 
Family F1048
143 At this time, Charles would have only been 8 years old.

Her father was John McWalter who was an Excise Officer and mother was Mary, maiden name of Feeny. 
144 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1760)
145 Aunt Mogridge's residence, Wesleyan Methodist rites Family F749
146 Austin may have arrived on the Indus in Queensland on the 29 Dec 1874. He was aged 20. Family notes refer to a Michael and an Austin as two different people. However, the burial description on the Brisbane City Council web site for Toowong Cemetery has him listed as Michael Austen with a burial date the same as the funeral notice. Austin did not marry.

The Brisbane Courier Monday 16 March 1903
FUNERAL NOTICE. The Friends of Mrs ROSENTENGEL (of Boundary-street, Spring Hill) are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of her deceased Brother, and Mr. C. ROSENTENGEL) of his deceased Uncle (Mr. Austin Fitzgerald), to move from the Brisbane Hospital, THIS (Monday) FORENOON, at 10 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery.

Michael Austen Fitzgerald is buried in Portion 7A Section 71 Grave 31 at Toowong Cemetery. 
FITZGERALD Austin (I2305)
147 Australian Town and Country Journal Sat 13 Feb 1875
On January 31, at Kangaroo Point. Brisbane, the wife of Edward Denny Day, jun., of a daughter.

The Brisbane Courier Tues 27 Jul 1875
Day - On the 20th July, Ida Muriel, infant daughter of Edward Denny Day, jun.

Ida was buried on the 27 July 1875. Buried with her is her father Edward and a still born baby who was buried on the 11 May 1920. 
DAY Ida Muriel (I2208)
148 Australian Town and Country Journal Sat 26 Jun 1897
April 17, at All Saints' Church, Petersham, Alfred Edward, eldest son of William Roberts, of Kerrabee, to Francis (sic) Lydia Florence, eldest daughter of Edward Augustus Phillips of Young. 
PHILLIPS Frances Lydia Florence (I2243)
149 Ballygurtin may also be spelt as Ballygorteen - it is midway between Cahir and Bansha.

The family arrived on the Argyle in 1852 - 28 July.

Honora (Norah) lists that she has a sister in Sydney on the shipping information. On her death index, her name is listed as Laura and not Honora - misheard perhaps. The death notice in the paper says that Honora (Laura) was 84 years old which would mean that she was born around 1799-1800, however her age on the shipping record is 38 which would mean that she was born around 1814. Her place of residence in Ireland was Bally Gurtin. Her father's name is listed as Edward Curry not Carns. She lives at John Street, Kangaroo Point.

The Queenslander Saturday 28 July 1883
RYAN - On the 5th July at her residence, John-street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Laura, relict of the late David Ryan, formerly of Townsland, Bally Gurtin, parish Killmoylar, Tipperary, Ireland, aged 84 years. RIP. 
CURRY (CURRIE) Honora (Norah) (I610)
150 Banns Family F722

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